Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My first rant.

My first rant.

I'll start by giving you the facts.

A friend of a friend of mine, whom we will call A, last year was involved in a car accident that took the life of his friend, whom we will call D. A had just hotted up his new turbo-charged car and wanted to show it off. He, along with four passengers, D included, sped down a main road at speeds of up to 140km/h, when suddenly the car clipped the kerb and smashed into a large pole. D was killed instantly, A and two of the other passengers were injured, our mutual friend being one of them. This happened in November of 2008.

In June this year, A pleaded guilty to one count of causing death by dangerous driving, one count of causing serious harm by dangerous driving, and one count of causing harm by dangerous driving. He faces a potential jail term.

Yesterday, A faced court again for sentence submissions. In court he mentioned that he felt he, too, was a victim and that D was waiting for him in Heaven.

D's sister, G, was later quoted as saying that Heaven is for angels, not for people who kill angels, and that she is filled with rage at A's claim of being a victim. D's father, A2, said that A deserves everything the judicial system has to offer, that "he will be judged by a greater spirit in time to come" and that he has nothing but anger for the man who killed his son.

Those were the facts. Now it's time for my opinion.

While the first word that entered my mind upon hearing G's comments was "cunt", I brushed this aside and thought about it as detached as I could. She's apparently deluded to the extent that she is convinced that A is a bloodthirsty criminal who would kill again given the opportunity.

"That's not what she meant."

Perhaps not, but her strong emotional reaction closely resembles what an unemotional reaction to that assertion would be like. This brings me to my first point:

The bereaved are delusional.

To reject A's claim that he is also a victim is lunacy. Of course he is a victim, and he continues to be victimized. Not only this, but I consider his victimhood to be greater than that of anyone else.

"He can't possibly be a bigger victim than D and his family."

I beg to differ:

1. He suffered whiplash and spent a significant amount of time in hospital.
2. He'll have to deal with the pain of the loss of his friend.
3. He'll have to live the rest of his life with his own assertion that he ended his friend's life.

Those are the natural consequences that occurred without intervention of any kind. But also:

4. He may face a significant period of time in prison.
5. He is being tortured by the case being dragged out as it has. The verdict itself is to be announced in November, a full year following the accident.
6. He has been forced to endure taunts and dashed hopes from the bereaved.

G, on the other hand, only has the equivalent of A's number 2: she'll have to deal with the pain of the loss of her brother.

And D himself? He's experienced none of those, and never will. He's not suffering, he doesn't face any uncertainty, and no facet of his existence hangs in the balance. He is dead, and nothing bad can happen to him.

I hope everyone can agree, because it is the truth.

G's delusions are such that she has become cruel. She has suffered a major loss. That loss has left a gaping hole in her life, a hole which she attempts to fill, with her love for what was lost. This is not enough, as there is no longer a person there to love, so her love is converted into hate for the antithesis of what she lost, which is the person she feels is responsible for her loss. This takes hold, as A is still alive and on a pedestal, ready for the ridicule and humiliation which was always going to find him.

A would appear to be a religious person. Whether he always was or became so after the accident is unknown to me. He mentions his hope that D is waiting for him in Heaven. This implies that he still believes Heaven's gates are open to him. G comes along and shoots this down. I find this to be a despicable act. To dash a tormented religious person's naive hope of heaven, in spite of his apparent wrongdoing, is immeasurably cruel.

A, the biggest victim, is the one who is now minding his business, and hoping and praying for what is best for him. G, who feels she is the biggest victim, although she isn't, and who doesn't consider A a victim, although he very much is, is the one who has set out to make a victim into a villain, and tells him he is wrong to want what is best for him.

A's slim hope of Heaven is hanging on by a thread.

G comes along and attempts to sever that thread.

Who's the cunt?


This is my brand new blog, and I will use this for my own personal musings and rantings, as there appear to be no other places on the Internet I can do it to this extent. The people who read this blog will be people who found it themselves, rather than people who had it shoved under their noses. It's much more honest and friendly that way, although not all my posts will make me appear like the friendly type.

I may begin my first rant later today, or it may take a little while, because the rant that I have building inside me needs to be carefully thought out and cleverly worded to avoid looking inflammatory. Check back to see if I post it. :)